About Us

1.     Who We Are? / Our Story

Ans - Letsgopaparazzo, a team of an attractive/charming couple who introduce themselves to the travel photography industry as well as their fantastic/fabulous photographers to capture mesmerizes moments of client's memories at travel destinations.

2.       Why we are?

Ans - Marvelous Photographers, Modern Equipment, Affordable Packages, Creative Editing, Fast & Safe Deliveries, Privacy Protection

Value of money, professionalism, Quality of work, On Time Service, cooperative & Discipline, Wins the Heart, Mesmerized Memories

3.       Passion

Ans - A Professional Vocational Photographers, For the amazing catchy click, skip the selfie stick and go with the photographer for a photoshoot. Hiring a Professional Vocational Photographers and capturing the lifetime memories either it’s a Secret proposal, Honeymoon, family, Group or solo tour.

4.       Friendly Professionals / Discipline

5.       Quality Photos

6.       Mesmerized Memories - Get a beautiful memory of photoshoot

*  Let’s start to change the Travel Photography industry.

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