Terms & Conditions

v  We are providing a platform to our customer to choose their best photographer for their photoshoot and make their travel photoshoot story and any type of photoshoot story most memorable in their life. These conditions apply to both the user and the photographer. There is a Terms and Conditions that needs to be agreed by the photographer during the Sign up, then only we approved them and they will appear on this platform. If Photographer do not agree to these terms, they may not access or use the Platform.

v  Client means a user who is interested in a photoshoot session and books their photographer based on their itinerary and destination.

v  Paparazzo means photographer who is an independent provider of photographer services.

v  Further, Letsgopaparazzo.com does not provide any photography services. Photography services are provided by Photographers, who are not employees of Letsgopaparazzo.com. Just, Letsgopaparazzo.com provide as a platform that offers photographers the possibility to use this online platform to market their online services. Photographer services is formed between the photographer and the user.

v  Photographers should fill in all the necessary information that is mandatory for reference and also manage their profile and portfolio. All other details about the photoshoot are organized on this platform. Users send a request for photoshoot as availability for the photographer, after confirmation by the photographer the user pays the amount through Payment Gateway. And many more functionalities for users and photographers accordingly.

v  Letsgopaparazzo.com will take over the payment (payment via payment gateway) for the photoshoot on behalf of the Photographer. Letsgopaparazzo.com keeps previously agreed commission fees 20% from the price paid by User. The amount is transferred by manually to photographer’s account. When the user receives the photos from the photographer, the payment will be clear on the End of the week (Saturday). Letsgopaparazzo.com is not responsible for and will not reimburse any additional fees charged to Photographer by payment gateway for receiving such payment.

v  Photographer will provide Letsgopaparazzo.com with his/her business name, business ID, business address (if he/she has one). Letsgopaparazzo.com will issue Email invoice for using the platform to the Photographer after the photoshoot and that will be delivered to the Photographer and to the User. Email Invoice for providing photography service will be issued to the User by the Let’sGoPaparazzo.

v  We do not guarantee that photographer that you select for the initiate non-binding booking will be available for your date/time/location of your photoshoot. In such case we will suggest you another Photographer, but you are not obliged in any way to book this newly suggested Photographer. If any condition photographer is not available on photoshoot date, Let’sGoPaparazzo will fully refund the amount to Client.  If the photographer is not available at the photoshoot destination, all those transaction charges will be charged from his/her next order.

v  Please note that additional travel fee may apply if you want the photoshoot to happen outside of the city center (Photographer will always give you inform in advance about this). Additional travel fee is also applicable to some locations from our list of destinations. The User is always informed about such travel fee before photoshoot by the photographer.



v            If you will not be able to attend the photoshoot, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to re-arrange the date of the photoshoot, but we cannot guarantee that the photographer will be free at another date / time.

v        If the photoshoot is canceled due to the photographer's fault, we will fully refund you. Please note that we will do our best to reschedule your photoshoot so that there is no need for a cancellation fee.

v         Request Cancellation Process: 

·      If the photographer does not acknowledge, your request will be automatically canceled after 48 hours. 

·      If payment is pending after the photographer has accepted your request, the request will be automatically canceled after 72 hours.

v        Cancelled Photoshoot: (refund within next 9 working Days)

·         cancellation process on same day of booking, full amount will be refund.

·         cancellation process before 7 days of photoshoot, 50% amount will be refund. 

·         cancellation process before 4 days of photoshoot, 30% amount will be refund.

·         cancellation process before 2 days of photoshoot, refund will not be applicable.

v       Letsgopaparazzo.com is not responsible for and will not reimburse any additional fees charged to the client by his/her bank/card provider for receiving above specified refund.



v         vLetsgopaparazzo.com, it shows the Indian currency as INR.



v  Photographer will deliver your photos through a personal mail Id using google drive. The photographer makes the final selection of photos (the number of photos specified in the selected package). We will deliver your photos 5 working business days after your photoshoot.

v  If you want the rest of the photos, Users can contact the photographer directly in a month after photoshoot and get them at without any charges(in raw material).


Copy Rights

v  The user has the rights to use all delivered photos for personal and non-commercial use only. Photographer holds the copyright to the photographs. We will never sublicense your photos. We reserve the rights to use the photos for promotional purposes at Letgopaparazzo.com and Let'sGoPaparazzo's all social media platform, Photographer could use the photos in the same way as Letgopaparazzo.com does.

v  User could inform us anytime that if he or she does not agree with such usage, and we would never use the photos in such way. 

v  We may use the Photographer's photos from social media for promotional purposes only if the Photographer can at any time notify us that if he/she does not agree to such use, and we will never use the Photos in such manner.


Complaints Policy

v          v  We have no control over any extraordinary conditions and weather conditions. Photoshoots can take under any weather conditions as our                                    photographers  are professionals and can suggest locations where it is possible to shoot in the rain, snowfall etc.

v          v  Sometimes rainy or snowfall photoshoots are even more original, extraordinary, and interesting than artificial photo shoots. However, we will try to                        rearrange (with no guarantee) day and time of the photoshoot if there is bad forecast for the day of the photoshoot. Payment is not refundable because              of the bad weather.

v         v  By booking the service you agree that you are familiar with the style of your chosen photographer, and you agree to receive photos in such style and                   quality. In case of any photo shoot problems, contact Letsgopaparazzo.com immediately so that we can handle the complaint as soon as possible. We                will try our best to resolve this issue.